Preview; 1st time told

a project by Anna Holter + Company

"powerfully, athletically and, at the same time, with a faint touch of being in danger, on the edge, that makes her work so attractive."

- Katja Schneider, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 16 Feburary 2002

"Swedish dancer Anna Holter, who is based in Munich and well-known here (...)Anna Holter knows how to use video,
music (Rupert Huber) and lighting (Karl Schlagenhaufer). She has imagination in movement and a feeling for phrase."

- Malve Gradinger, Münchner Merkur, 18 February 2002

Premiere: 2001

I-camp/Neues theater München

Artistic Team:
Choreography/Concept/Dancer: Anna Holter
Text and Preformance: Cameron M.Black
Music: Rupert Huber
Light/Technical Support: Karl Schlagenhaufer


One piece of information - many interpretations: Anna Holter creates a sea of potential stories in Preview; 1st time told by tackling the hypothesis that reality only exists the purely personal reality of each individual. The starting point of her piece is therefore a small piece of information - an action, a word. If it's registered at all, it might be compared with a rain drop that meets other rain drops on its journey: Some are every similar, others only seem to resemble each other at first glance. In any case, they grow - sometimes larger, sometimes smaller - into a wave, which in turn can meet other waves...

extract from the piece, by Cameron M. Black:

"The tree was beautiful because leafless, but it was easy to sense its sorrow, stuck in an expanse of concrete and cobbles, like a knobbly fishing rod belonging to an Eskimo fifty feet in height, or sixteen metres depending on the value of the Euro and the Blubberdollar, who could only tread the ice with the most gingerly caution and the shark terror of the fish beneath the sand. ..."

This project was sponsored by the Swedish embassy in Germany and Hedwig Eleonora Church/Sweden, Tanztendenz München and des i-camps/Neues Theater München.


 Photo © Franz Kimmel