a project by Anna Holter + Company

"Holter smoothly choreographs tension and dynamic contrasts. Brilliant dancers ( .. ) Atmospheric and physical strong dance theatre piece"

- Gabriella Lorenz, Abendzeitung, 2009

Premiere: 29. April 2011

Theater Schwere Reiter München

Artistic Team:
Choreography/Concept: Anna Holter
Performer: Vivien Holm, Linda Samaraweerová, Thomas Maucher, Izabela Szostak, Darwin Diaz and Greulix Schrank
Music: Michael Heilrath, Greulix Schrank
Stage Design/Costumes: Mandy Hanke
Light: Michael Bischoff
Feedback: Tobias Lange, Johannes Schmid
Management: Katrin Dollinger


In "Kitchen" Anna Holter + Company go in search of the 60s.
Andy Warhol's synonymous film from 1965 provides the starting point: a group of young people in the kitchen of a New York flat, as they talk, build utopian castles in the air and stumble over each others' sensibilities a web of connections is formed between them. There are definitely too many cooks for this broth.
Anna Holter's dance develops the self-centered conversation into a genuine language of movement. What has an impact on these people? What impact do they have on others? What impact does observing them have on us? "Kitchen" investigates the intrusion of the everyday into art. The kitchen becomes a laboratory where different lifestyles are put to the test: is it personality or just posture, sympathy or sham, sincere or superficial?
Individual incidents from everyday life link together to form a bizarre picture sequence. But in contrast to the recurring pattern of a pop art picture, this is a dancing mosaic of individuality.

This project was produced with the generous support of the Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt Munich, the Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische cooperation, the Swedish embassy Berlin, the Austrian embassy, the Polish embassy, the Tanztendenz München e.V., the Theater Schwere Reiter Munich as well as the Project "Tanz und Schule". 


 Photo © Franz Kimmel
Photo © Mandy Hanke