Inside out

a project by Anna Holter + Company

Premiere: 2002

Theater...und sofort Munich

Artistic Team:
Concept/Choreography: Anna Holter
Performers: Stephan Herwig, Helmut Ott, Cameron Black
Music: Rupert Huber
Text: Cameron Black
Light Design: Heiko Dietz
Photo: Franz Kimmel


"Where is the border between inside and outside, between insider and outsider? Who, what and where is really inside and who, what, where is really outside?"

Text draft from the piece, by Cameron M. Black:

"With his eyes closed he could see the change outside more clearly by looking inside himself to his wakend dreamless heart. In the stiffening breeze he heard the drops beginn to dripp sensed their wait in the air finally felt them beginn once again to compfort his skin and ease his self. He knew their burning power, these goblets of refraction, had lived with theire terrible acidety, but he gave himself to them now allawing them to spread themself on his shell and filter into him through dress and dermass. And as he became soaked he begann to shad his tears and reclame his dreams..."

This project was generously supported by Theater ... und so fort and Tanztendenz Munich e.V.


Photo © Franz Kimmel